New Mexico Applicator Recertification - Pest Control Courses - CEUs

We offer a variety of CEUs APPROVED by the New Mexico Department of Agriculture for New Mexico Commercial Applicators. Below you can see the courses that we offer and you can click on them to learn more. CEUs are available to purchase individually or in a bundle.

5 CEU Bundle Courses CEU

5 CEU Bundle Includes:

  • Insect Biology: Wood Destroying Pests
  • IPM Approach to Mosquito Control
  • Pesticide Application: Hazards and First Aid
  • Pesticide Movement In The Environment
  • The Pesticide Label

CEU Pricing: $15 each

Title Course Number:Credit
Application of Federal Laws to Safety Concerns0002WB1 CEU in General
Pesticide Movement In The Environment0002WM1 CEU in General
Fire Ants0002WP1 CEU in General
Pesticide Formulations0002WN1 CEU in General
The Pesticide Label0002WG1 CEU in General
Pesticide Application: Hazards and First Aid0002WF1 CEU in General
IPM Approach to Mosquito Control0002WH1 CEU in General
Insect Biology: Wood Destroying Pests0002WC1 CEU - Cat 7D - Wood-Destroying Pests
Ornamental Management0002WK1 CEU in General
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Applicator Recertification CEU Requirements

PRIVATE APPLICATORS must earn five (5) CEUs during their five-year license period.

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COMMERCIAL, PUBLIC, and NON-COMMERICAL APPLICATORS must earn four (4) CEUs each year to be eligible to renew their licenses.

Applicators and operators who are certified in wood-destroying pest control (termites, or 7D) must have an additional four (4)CEUs specific to that category in order to retain their 7D certification.
Purchase our 5 CEU Bundle Today! is proud to work with the United States Department of Agriculture, New Mexico Department of Agriculture, the Environmental Protection Agency and the State of New Mexico to provide APPROVED RECERTIFICATION COURSES for applicators.

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